About Us

Our Advanced Technology Solutions team
has over 50 years of combined experience
in designing, marketing, and selling
power technology products and services

Our Value

Corporate Values

    1. Innovation: We embrace new perspectives and continuous learning to find creative solutions for our customers
    2. Reliability: We provide unparalleled quality and product delivery to our customers
    3. Customers: We diligently listen to our customers and support their needs to ensure their satisfaction
    4. Loyalty: We respect all our relationships and are dedicated to the success of our colleagues, partners, and customers
    5. Philanthropy: We commit ourselves to giving back to our community to make a positive impact in the world


To shape the evolution of America’s infrastructure through our advanced technology solutions


Enhancing our customers’ value with our advanced technology solutions and superior service


Our Custom Solution

Blue Telcom can provide a Custom Solution for you!

Our team is equipped to understand your needs and can work with you on a solution that fits your requirements:

ㆍA DC solution, or a combination of DC and AC output
ㆍA Built-In Backup Solution
ㆍSingle or Multiple Output solution
ㆍSpace constrained or Unique Space Requirements
ㆍIndoor or Outdoor Solution
ㆍSingle product or an Integrated Solution

No project or need is too complex for us – contact us should you need design help!


Blue Telcom provides technology product and solutions for America’s infrastructure.
Our solutions currently cover Information and Communication Networks,
Industrial & Commercial Buildings, EV charging and others.

We have relationships with leading edge manufacturers to support the emerging
needs of this technology marketplace. Customers appreciate working with companies
who listen to their needs, the marketplace, and who provide the products they need.

Manufacturers we represent are superior vendors carefully selected based on their
quality and technology vision. Our commitment and dedication are keys to building
and maintaining ongoing partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
We have grown on a solid foundation of long-term associations with customers and
vendors who value high-quality products backed by outstanding service.