BatteryNFPC Series

Narada HELiIONTM NPFC series 48V LFP battery modules are ideally suited for telecom base station, OSP, and renewable energy applications.
NPFC series offer long cycle life, small size, reduced weight, and simplified installation as 19”/23” rack mountable modules.
NPFC LFP chemistry makes it one of the safest technologies, suitable for high and low temperature operation and capable of 1C and higher discharge rates.

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Technical Features:
• Simple installation and load/charge system integration (Pos/Neg termination)
• Advanced intelligent lithium battery management technology
• Energy transfer patented technology provides high cell utilization efficiency for prolong system operational life.
• Configuration flexibility, support parallel connection expansion up to 16 modules BMS – Alarming
• System monitoring of voltage, current, temperature of cells and module. Built in protection against; over-current on discharge and recharge, over-temperature, low temperature, low and high voltage, and short circuit.
• BMS maintenance and service communication via RS232 or RS485
• 2 levels of remote alarming through dry contacts


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NFPC Series Datasheet

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