EV ChargerElectronic Vehicle Charger

Power-Dispenser Type Charging Station
• Sequential charging patent technology
• Occupies 80% of Korean E-Bus Charging stations
• 100 power units with more than 300 dispensers

• Reduced parking space
• Reduced construction cost
• Communication cost reduction
• Contract power saving

Potential Sites
• Bus/Taxi Transporter
• Highway rest area
• Apartment complex
• Courier and rental car companies
• Unmanned Parking Tower
• Shopping mall building

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Power Control
Efficient power control (charging mode adapted by vehicle capacity)
Power saving up to 75% compared to other commercial chargers through AI based power control (simultaneous / sequential charging)
Reduced failure rate with simplified and modular parts

Reduced Cost/Easy Expansion
Single Power Bank can be connected to 50 Dispenser Units

Easy extension possible
Investment cost reduced by 50% compared to integrated systems and decrease required standby power, there by reducing basic operational cost

Maximized charging efficiency
Parking area issue can be solved by sharing parking spot with non- Evs.


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EV Charger Datasheet

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