Exeltech KC Series modular inverter systems were designed for space limited applications within the telecommunications, data processing, and utility industries.

Key Features:
• Expandable
• Remote switching
• True sine wave
• “Hot” Insertable
• 1000 Watt Moduels
• Optional SNMP

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• Exeltech’s 3kW inverter systems are available in 19’’ and 23’’ rackmount options and are equipped with 1kW power modules.
• Power modules are “hot” insertable, power levels are expandable, and modules can be added or replaced without interruption in power to your critical loads (At least 3 power modules required).
• The system can be configured for power levels from 1kW to 3kW or 2U stacked configurations with 1kW to 6kW.
• Systems are single phase with 24VDC, 48VDC, or 108VDC inputs and 120VAC, 277VAC or 230VAC output options available.
• A Static Transfer Switch or Monitoring Module plus any number of 1kW power modules combine to make a standard KC Series inverter system.
• This type of system can be expanded as power requirements increase.
• The KC Series inverter system can be configured with Exeltech’s 3kW Static Transfer Switch and Maintenance Bypass Switch, to ensure uninterrupted AC supply to sensitive electronic equipment.


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KC-3kW Datasheet

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