Power SupplySYNERGi

Key Features:
• Maximizes site uptime and limits human intervention
• Remote site management, reporting and control
• Dynamically optimizes any AC generator
• Self-healing and automatically adapts to varying conditions
• Allows rapid deployment to multiple sites
• One touch control, installer friendly, ‘drop in’ solution capable
• Intuitively combines renewables
• Solar optimization technology

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SYNERGi is unique as it dynamically detects conditions to optimize the operation of existing capital, extending the generator and battery lifetimes with significantly reduced OPEX.
It minimizes the dependency on fossil fuels by dynamically maximizing generator output to improve efficiency.

The SYNERGi solution is universal, allowing it to be easily deployed and commissioned at multiple sites.
It will adapt to optimize output variables so the expensive dimensioning and on-going visits necessary in deploying and maintaining other typical hybrids are avoided.
It also tracks site equipment health so maintenance can be pre-empted.

Intelligently and efficiently, SYNERGi optimizes energy sources to ensure a minimalist infrastructure footprint to lower CAPEX.

Patented SYNERGi control algorithms dynamically take care of site anomalies and changing conditions.


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SYNERGi Datasheet

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