UPS / DatacenterYDC3300

• This series UPS is a kind of three-in-three-out high frequency online UPS
• The UPS can solve most of the power supply problems, such as blackout, over-voltage, under-voltage, voltage sudden drop, oscillating of decreasing extent, high voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge, inrush current, harmonic distortion (THD), noise interference, frequency fluctuation, etc..
• This UPS can be applied to different applications from computer device, automatic equipment, communication system to industry equipment

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Functions and Features:

Integrated Solution for Data Center
UPS can be integrated with battery cabinet, PDU external maintenance bypass,
offering excellent choice for data center.

3Phase In/3Phase Out UPS
It is 3Phase In/3Phase Out high-density UPS system, of which input current is kept in balance.
No unbalance problem might occur.

Digital Control
This series UPS is controlled by Digital Signal Processor (DSP); enhance,
it increases reliability, performance, self-protection, and self-diagnostics and so on.

Charging Current is configurable
Via setting tool, the user may set the capacity of the batteries
as well as reasonable charging current as well as maximum charging current.
Constant voltage mode, constant current mode or floating mode can be switched automatically and smoothly.

Intelligent Charging Method
The series UPS adopts advanced three-stage charging method—
• 1st stage: high current constant current charging to guarantee to charge back to 90%
• 2nd-stage: Constant Voltage in order to vitalize battery and make sure batteries are fully charged
• 3rd stage: floating mode
With this 3-stage charging method, it extends the life of the batteries and guarantees fast charging.

LCD Display
With LCD plus LED displays, the user may easily get UPS status and its operational parameters, such as input/output voltage, frequency & load%, battery % and ambient temperature, etc…

Intelligent Monitoring Function
Via optional SNMP Card, you may remotely control and monitor the UPS.

EPO Function
The series UPS may be completely shut off when the EPO is pressed. REPO function (Remote EPO) is also available in this series UPS.


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YDC3300 Datasheet

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