How Can Blue Telcom Help Support Rural Broadband?

A large portion of Americans across the country enjoy great internet services. Reasonable and reliable broadband internet service is essential to our new work environment as well as how we manage our jobs, ourselves and our families.

Rural America deserves the same. According to the FCC, over 30 million people in America are without high-speed access – that is 1 in every 3 people in rural communities. These citizens deserve the same access to wide-ranging education alternatives and opportunities for employment growth, health care improvements, and public safety advances.

The USDA has called rural broadband “the digital superhighway for today and tomorrow. Just as rural electrification and telephone networks revolutionized the United States in the 20th century, we are now witnessing a significant transformation as a result of rural broadband expansion.”

The federal government has stepped up and funded the build out of the rural broadband infrastructure through a number of funded programs.


What does that mean for Blue Telcom?

The deployment of fiber and the technology needed to provide internet services requires efficient, reliable power support.

Blue Telcom provides a portfolio of DC power products that will meet the needs of Tier II/III, Broadband, and Wireless Internet Service Providers.

The following products will benefit any broadband installation:


EnergyHub 48VDC 2U Solution

Our EnergyHub system is the world’s first plug in and play Lithium-ion power solution. This system provides up to 2.6KW of DC power and is supported by a group of 2Ah batteries in a rack mounted solution.

This system is perfect for a confined space / small density footprint that will meet changing load demands.


microCOMPACT 1U Solution                     

This system, available within one week, gives you the flexibility of up to 2.6This is the ideal solution to meet the requirements of telecommunications applications such as access nodes, DAS requirements and micro/pico base stations. The system controller has great remote monitoring capabilities, which means less site visits and less cost.

Blue Telcom offers the best timeframes and customer service available.


Photo: Shutterstock / By: Lavoska Barton

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